The Secrets of Spirit Energy

The Secrets of Spirit Energy

: Final Conquest

by Darius Knight

In the Shattered Spectrum, a cluster of dimensions, Dark King has been on a centuries-long mission to sow chaos until he is sealed away. Now that he has a vessel that can contain his power he has awakened and battles Desmond for control. Desmond and his friends are still locked in a war with Czar over the secret to becoming limitless, Together, with the powerful entity Berengia, Desmond learns to hone his powers to stand a chance against Czar, but doing so strengthens Dark King even further.

Can Desmond unlock that inner potential before it’s too late? Or will Dark King find a way to be free and force his friends to fight Czar alone?

About the Author

Darius Knight

Darius Knight lives in Valdosta, GA. He found his love for writing during high school. For most of his life before that, writing was only a hobby to either make his friends laugh or to create tales for others to escape to. His dreams and his love for anime and gaming are what fuels his imagination. He created Knight Vision Stories to have an outlet to express his creative side. Follow his journey through his writing because his story doesn’t end here.