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Great service and professional seller. Thanks so much! ~Kim Popovich

Great service. ~Hunter Reese

Tracy's promotion of my book was nothing short of amazing! I'm absolutely impressed with her work and will undoubtedly hire her for any future promotions. She has a remarkable talent for getting the word out and generating interest in my book. I highly recommend her services to any author in need of effective book promotion. ~Jose L. Berrios

Tracy did a very professional job. I highly recommend her gig to new authors! Excellent work! ~Dan Rendell (Australia)

Excellent service very professional product. I highly recommend Tracy. ~Ruth Greene

Working with Tracy was a pleasant experience. She is professional, good communicator, and she delivers what she promises. ~Mohammed Y. Burhan (United Arab Emirates)

Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help with the project. ~Julie G.

Great commuincation, did everything she said she would and then sum. ~Devon Felix

Very professional and helpful. Thank you! ~Alyssa D. Berlin

It's been a pleasure working with Tracy. I'm satisfied with how she's been promoting my book. She keeps you updates and answers all your questions. Very supportive. ~Martin Flores

Great job great experience working with her very helpful thank you Tracy. ~Lori Nebo

Tracy is great to work with. She walks you through the whole process and shows you proof of her work when she's done. Easy going and answers all your questions. I would work with Tracy again. Happy with this promotion. If sales start going up, I will keep you updated. Thank you! ~Martin Flores

Easy to communicate with and helpful! I had questions and she replied promptly. I look forward to seeing the results. It's still too early to tell about the promotion and after effects.  I feel good about the interaction and hope to continue working with Tracy. ~Elaine Violette

Tracy did exactly as promised. I am very happy with this gig! Thank you Tracy for jumping on this right away. So appreciated! ~Deborah Weed

Tracy is professional and responsive. She made sure she understood the project, followed up on key details, and delivered inline with expectations. ~Michael Alans

A great experience with a creative and knowledgeable writer. ~Natasha Niemi

Tracy is very skilled, thoughtful, and a quick communicator. Skilled at writing, thoughtful of clients’ needs, and fast at responding. Looking forward to more. Thanks! ~Daniel Burns

Tracy is creative and a great communicator. She added more spice to my draft. I enjoyed reading the final copy. ~Patience

Tracy understood my field of business and was able to make recommendations and corrections as suggested in my writing without taking away my voice. Very happy with her service and will use her again. ~Julia Baker

It was a great experience working with Tracy. Her dedication towards the completion of my manuscript was superb. She took the time to read through it before beginning work and did lots of research about my culture in order to make the correct changes. She is a team player, exercise great patience, demonstrates excellent communication and listening skills. We shared and discuss our opinions before making changes, giving me a sense of satisfaction that my voice was represented in my book. She brought life into my book. I look forward to working with her again. ~Patience

Tracy is great at what she does. This is my first book and first time thinking about doing a book. She helped me figure out my reason for wanting to create a book of my life and a story that can be related to in so many ways. ~Jullius Joyner

Tracy turned my words into the vision I was trying to create. Not only did Tracy fine-tune my book. She taught me a lot of the basic fundamentals of creating a book worth reading. I will definitely be using Tracy to finish the editing of my kids' fantasy. ~Johnathan Learsi

What Readers Are Saying…

“I loved all the Harry Potter books too. I would put this book up there with Rowling and Riordan, who I have also read.


GREAT YOUNG PERSON SERIES I purchased all three in the series and the work book for my Down Syndrome son and his mentor.  Taking my son a lot longer to read but his mentor is devouring the first book.  Now that summer is over and outside activities have slowed down, they will be continuing the series. Her mother, grandmother and I cannot wait for the kids to finish so we can devour them! ~Tracy Uphold

CUTE READ FOR THE FAMILY Honestly this book is adorable and captivating. It's like being drawn into a magical world that could be in your own back yard. I look forward to reading what comes next! ~C.M.

WHAT A SENSATIONAL STORY!!! I was looking for different books I could gift my nephews and nieces with. Before I would do that, I of course take a look at the book myself. This beautifully illustrated cover and intriguing title attracted my attention and I took a look inside! Whether it being good or not, I got captivated by the story! Not sure if I am the accurate audience, still it was so delightful to read the adventure of Jack! All characters were amazingly well created and I could feel the passion and the heart of the author! Really really well done and I luckily have a superb book to gift to my nephews and nieces now! Awesome! ~EasyPeasy

A STORY FILLED WITH ENTHUSIASTIC ENERGY Tracy has done an excellent job writing a story that grabs you in the very beginning and captivates your heart as you join the adventure bound antics of Jack and Bart. They find themselves in places they have never been mystified by magical notations that leave them in awe. They learn of secrets from the past and are enlightened to secrets to the future. Leaving us wanting more from this series. ~Debbie Prestwich

AWESOME BOOK This book is not just for children! I loved it, and I am 62 years old. Of-course I loved all the Harry Potter books too. I would put this book up there with Rowling and Riordan, who I have also read. But trust me, this is not a second hand remake of those classics. The story is original and exciting. Action, adventure, and mystery with a strong paranormal bent. Great book. Anxiously awaiting book 2. ~Rhonda Jones

FUN AND MAGICAL This is a fun, fast read for all ages. If you’re a fan of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter then this book is for you. Hard to put down. I almost finished it in one night. ~Kindle Customer

TRANSPORTED MAGIC Ms. Johnson takes us for a magical ride with a host of characters that come alive from the pages. Her ability to capture our imagination transports us along in these incredible adventures. The books (one and two) were purchased for my grandchildren but, I couldn’t help myself when thumbing through them and ended up reading both books before passing them along. I’m now anxiously awaiting book 3. ~Ronald Retzloff

BEST CHILDREN’S BOOK EVER!! Reading this super fun book provided vivid and creative imagery, truly relatable characters, and such an enjoyable adventure! What a wondrous ride! I highly recommend this book. And not just for children! I’m in my 50’s and I adored every sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter!! Very highly recommended. You’ll love it!! ~Evan Cronwell

RICH, DESCRIPTIVE VOCABULARY, WOVEN WITH HISTORICAL CURIOSITY IN A CREATIVE, ENCHANTING ADVENTURE. I really enjoyed the settings with some familiar locations like the Shanghai Tunnels and the charming shops in Old Town Chinatown in Portland, Oregon. Incorporating her dad’s name “Jack” and her grandfather’s occupation as a milliner into the story was a nice touch. The sprinkling of foreshadowing kept me hooked as the characters developed throughout the story. I plan on sharing The Golden Telescope with my grandchildren and look forward to Tracy’s next book. ~Linda Hobart

AN AMAZINGLY INVENTIVE AND CREATIVE PAGE TURNER Amazingly creative, filled with details and imagery that fill your mind with scenes as if your there in the moment. Such a great book for all ages, I read this to my 8 and 5 year old they both loved it!! Definitely a book for all ages!! Can’t wait for more!! ~Rachel Wilson

THIS IS AN AWESOME BOOK! Jack and the Magic Hat Maker is a wonderful, exciting, riveting book! It is well written and enthrawling! It keeps you not only engaged, but anxious for the adventures that never fail with excitement!!! I can’t wait for the next book and hope for many more!!!~Melissa Bowles

ONE OF THE GREATEST BOOKS I’VE EVER READ I had the opportunity to read Tracy Johnson's first book in the Jack and The Magic Hat Maker series, The Golden Telescope. After reading word for word of this novel and I honestly have to say I’m looking forward to more of Tracys work. I’ve read other series such as Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson and I believe that this is obviously the next heir to the throne at the top of the list of the magical fantasy genre.~Ashley


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 April 2021

BRILLIANT WRITTEN FOR ALL AGES, A REAL PAGE TURNER Loved this from the first page to the last. I stayed up all night reading it, and read it to my grandson who loved it. Then gave it to my friends granddaughter, her parents took it off her so she would go to sleep. She couldn’t wait to read it again. A brilliant book. ~Sandra


ENTERTAINING FOR ALL AGES Book #2 in Tracy's series didn't disappoint as the saga continued.  Though it took awhile to keep up with the date and location of the action and which characters were where, once the reader got the flow of the ongoing storyline it was hard to put the book down.  Filled with close calls, near misses, friendship, family and traitors and plenty of twists and turns, this second volume is a real page turner that sets the stage beautifully for the tale to continue into volume 3.  If you've got a tween or young teen who is just beginning to experience the joys of reading, you should seriously consider letting them know about this series! T & M Currier

WONDERFULLY MAGICAL SERIES Be sure to read book 1 before this book or you will feel like you walked into the middle of a story. Book 2 continues where book 1 left off. There are three magically gifted siblings, each taken from their parents and raised apart by members of an evil cabal. Some of whom are the children’s relatives. The evil cabal is waiting for the children’s powers to start, about the time puberty starts. The cabal wants control of the power of three. Book 1 was the middle child, Jack’s, rescue from the cabal. This book is about Jack and friends trying to liberate the oldest child, Ethan. Only that does not go well. An excerpt into book 3 shows that the youngest child, Sadie, has just come into her powers. This is a series you will want to commit to once you read book 1. It is packed full of action, adventure, and the fight between good and evil. It is a whole lot of fun. ~Rhonda Jones


THE PLOT THICKENS Tracy's creativity and imagination really shine in book 3. The depth of a few previous characters is revealed more and her vivid descriptions of mysterious realms and mythical creatures is so good that you can almost visualize every detail.  She'll have you on the edge of your seat as evil tries to triumph over good and various beasts are employed to fight battles.  On top of that, more magical powers are revealed in key characters that help connect events of the future with the past.  Anxiously awaiting the release of the next tome in this entertaining series.  Kudos to this talented author! ~ T&M Currier

GREAT BACKGROUND TO THE SERIES But it is more than just a prequel, it is a full book with a whole story. And it explains a lot of unanswered questions about why Jack and his siblings are so special. Jack is not in this story. This is the story of how Jack’s parents met as pre-teens and learned about the difference between good and evil in another realm outside of Earth. I loved this book, but highly recommend you read at least the first book in the series before you read the this prequel. Otherwise, you may not feel like this had a good ending. I felt it had a great ending, as I now know how Jack’s parents met and eventually died, and what is the Power of Three, and why that is important. ~Rhonda Jones