Scattered In Hidden Places

Scattered In Hidden Places

: A Short Story Collection

by David Evans

In Colombia, two coffee shop owners seek to experience the coffee-making process for themselves, with disastrous consequences. On a train from Budapest, a recently divorced man travels to his hometown to restart his life, only to encounter an unpleasant character from the past. And we meet a thief who finally decides it’s time to change, but ‘desperate times call for desperate measures.’

The characters in this book encounter tragedy, despair, love, and elation as events and circumstances cause them to dig deep into their hearts and re-evaluate their life choices.



David Evans -

is a former headteacher, university tutor, and accredited life coach. Previous books include, Depicted: Eight Short Stories of Life’s Dilemmas, Mysteries and Surprises, and Talking About Henry: a guide to achieving your goals and dreams. David also writes music and is the composer of the album, Henry VIII and His Six Wives: A Contemporary Soundtrack. This was performed in The National Portrait Gallery. His most recent musical project, Love Design and Destiny, poems and songs about love’s ups and downs, was performed in London’s Soho. He has been featured on LA Talk Radio discussing his writing and composing and has contributed to Writing Magazine’s Writers Online advice column: Follow Your Creative Calling