Rising Up

Rising Up

: A True Story of Narcissists, Borderlines, and a Country on the Brink

by Jackson Liva

Can a toxic relationship change your life for the better?

Serena and Greg are the perfect match: she’s a sexy, fun, charismatic yoga instructor, and he’s a laid-back regular Joe with a heart of gold. And their whirlwind romance lifts them to dizzying new heights. But when the presidential election throws the country into a deep political and cultural maelstrom, one of the couple’s personalities suddenly splits in two.

Stuck in the midst of escalating psychological attacks, a steady stream of gaslighting and lies, as well as a mysterious disappearance on a tropical vacation, their tumultuous relationship slowly begins to reveal sinister secrets that bind the two together – secrets that expose lifelong wounds, as well as eerie parallels to America’s relationship with its president.

Only by rising up to their inner demons and following the guidance of their Higher Selves will both they – and their country – stand a chance of finding true peace and happiness.

Step into a deeply authentic and emotional novel that artfully weaves together astute political commentary, insightful reflections on psychological abuse, and a striking yet sympathetic picture of toxic codependent relationships.

Wow. This was a crazy first-hand account into an extremely unhealthy relationship. The woman - with borderline personality disorder and the man - with people pleasing attributes. A match made in heaven? Not hardly! Quite the opposite. This book was like watching a car accident about to happen - and the reader knowing how to stop it, but unable to do so. So many times in life the answer seems so simple but when in the midst of a situation, the person going through it is blinded. By love, by intellect, by beliefs systems, and in this man’s case - infatuation. Very good. Very realistic look at mental disorders and where they can lead those in relationships where one or both suffer. ~Mackenzie - GoodReads Review


author Jackson Liva

I'm an established novelist, and Jackson Liva is the pen name I created to protect the privacy of me and my family. If Rising Up helps others heal from a toxic relationship or navigate through a current situation, I want to make sure it’s out there.

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”
― Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird