Mindset Reinvented

Mindset Reinvented

A Weekly Self-Improvement Podcast

Hosted by Jack Trama

Mindset Reinvented came to life when its host, Jack Trama, realized that success isn't just about strategy or market conditions; it's about what happens in a person's mind and how that perspective shapes a life.

Jack's entrepreneurial journey has been a wild ride, marked by helping a diverse range of people achieve significant strides in their lives. From those learning new skills to launch coaching programs to entrepreneurs buying and selling businesses and startup founders chasing their dreams, go-getters of all stripes seeking the right opportunities have played a pivotal role in various success stories.

Your Host - Jack Trama

Along the way, Jack discovered that success isn't only about strategy or market conditions; mindset is a crucial component. This realization prompted a shift in his own path, highlighting how the way we think profoundly impacts well-being, relationships, health, and prosperity. Now, Jack focuses on breaking through mental barriers that hold people back in all areas of life. His journey has been a series of reinventions, teaching him about pushing past limits and striving for something bigger.

Today, mindset shapes his entire life. He has learned to recharge and gain new perspectives by spending time in nature, whether hiking through Arizona's deserts, climbing Utah's mountains, or trekking the scenic trails of the East Coast. These adventures are fun and incredibly inspiring, fueling some of his best ideas about life and growth.

On Jack's podcast, Mindset Reinvented, he shares insights from his own journey and invites guests who share their remarkable stories and unique perspectives.

Join Jack and his friends in their conversations as they explore the many powerful possibilities that emerge when we shift our thinking. You'll discover exciting and inspirational ways to approach life's challenges from all new directions.