Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire

by Aimee Lynn-Lane

I'm Lovesa, the only female Dragonmount in all of Emberfell. My dragon, Axyn, is going into heat.

I’d happily let her choose a male, but when dragons mate, their linked humans are sucked into a bond as well. And there’s not a single damn man in the legion that I want to be connected to for the rest of my life.

To be fair, if they knew the truth, none of them would want to bond with me either.

I tried to flee, to keep us both away from all males until Axyn’s heat had passed. But Irad and his bull found us.

Captain Irad Flamerider is my boss, the rider of the Dominus of the herd, and a pain in my ass.

My only comfort is that in Emberfell—human or dragon—acceptance of a bond is always the female's choice. So, I’m choosing "definitely not."

But the massive, sultry Captain Irad isn't accustomed to hearing "no."

I say, let the games begin.

He’s going to lose either way.