Captive of Night

Captive of Night

by Jasmine Josef

In the dark, secluded village of Eldris, a sinister pact casts a shadow over Hera’s fate as she is selected as one of ten women to be offered to the devil's army. Dragged into a realm of darkness and forbidden desires, Hera is deemed unworthy of the demons' desire due to a prominent facial scar. Condemned to a life of servitude, she is forced to navigate the dark corridors of the devil's den, catering to the cruel demands of demonic overlords who see her as nothing more than a lowly servant.

That is, until she catches the attention of a demon overlord, Zarek Volkov. Their encounter sparks a connection, leading Hera down a precarious path where love and darkness intertwine. Will this unexpected connection be Hera's beacon of hope, pulling her from the shadows of her servitude? Or is she destined to forever remain a captive of darkness?

About the Author

Jasmine Josef is the author of the popular web novel Married to the Devil's Son. She has been a top author since her debut, with award-winning stories such as "Heart of Darkness," which won the Bronze Award, and "Touch of Flame," which won the Silver Award.

Jasmine's stories explore the realms where love, darkness, and the supernatural intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on readers' hearts. Join her on the journey as she weaves tales that will immerse you in a world where passion and danger collide, forever captivating your imagination. Discover why Jasmine's readers eagerly await each new release.