Birthday Buddy

Birthday Buddy

The Magical Birthday Countdown Companion: Like Elf on a Shelf but making birthdays extra magical!

Written by Chad Currin | Illustrated by QBN Studios

Make your child's birthday an enchanting and memorable experience with Birthday Buddy – The Magical Countdown Companion! 🎉✨ Just like the beloved Elf on the Shelf brings Christmas cheer, Birthday Buddy brings magic and excitement to the days leading up to your child's special day.

In this delightful book, children are introduced to the whimsical world of Birthday Buddy, a magical friend who appears a few days before their birthday to help prepare for the big celebration. With captivating storytelling and beautiful illustrations by QBN Studios, children will be enchanted as they follow Birthday Buddy's adventures and magical surprises leading up to the big day.

But Birthday Buddy isn't just a storybook – it's a complete experience! With the Book and Plush Bundle, your child can cuddle up with their very own Birthday Buddy plush while listening to the enchanting tale. This combination deal offers double the fun and excitement, making it the perfect birthday present for children aged 4-8.

Parents and grandparents, imagine the joy and wonder on your child or grandchild's face as they embark on a magical journey with Birthday Buddy. Not only will they love hearing the story and snuggling with their plush companion, but they'll also have endless fun creating magic and surprises leading up to their birthday.

With Birthday Buddy, you can transform your child's birthday into a magical celebration they'll cherish forever. Bring the excitement of Elf on the Shelf to birthdays with Birthday Buddy – the ultimate birthday magic companion!

Order now and start creating unforgettable birthday memories for your child or grandchild. The book is available here on Amazon (book and plush kit sold separately on Amazon (coming soon) or order now online at Let the magic begin! 🎈🎁