Back to My Happy Ever After

Back to My Happy Ever After

by S. R. Page "RedSonia"

==> Ranked in the top three of the MyFavReads Romance Contest 2023! <==

At 27 years old, Alice has it all. A successful career, status, money, and a loving husband. Her life is a modern fairytale.

It all takes an unexpected turn when Alice wakes up as her 23-year-old self, a student working on her master's degree in robotics engineering.

Desperate to get her perfect life back, Alice is determined to retrace her steps. She will do things exactly how she did the first time because the consequences of the butterfly effect could be catastrophic.

Alice makes a plan to get her prestigious job at NASA, meet Jacob and marry him after 4 years of dating. She did it once, and she will do it again.

It sounds easy, but...
Can Alice work on a group project, knowing she will be blamed for the costly incident?
Can she go on dates, aware they are not with 'Mr. Right?'
Will she allow her parents to go on a vacation and never return because their plane will crash?

Alice's plan cracks when she realizes that some things were not as expected.
Why were Jacob and Jenny so close!?
And why was the university's heartthrob following Alice everywhere?

That wasn't right! Re-doing things shouldn't be so difficult!

About the Author

S.R. Page "RedSonia" is writing top trending and award-winning stories while enjoying the rainy weather of the PNW.

Her novels feature strong female characters.
She loves drama, action, mystery, and unexpected twists, all wrapped in a steamy romance.

S.R. feels she did a good job when her readers comment: "I didn't see that coming!"
Rereading her stories gives you a different experience every time because you notice the breadcrumbs you missed on your first read. 😉

Her works on the MyFavReads platform include Veradian Prophecies, Back to My Happy Ever After, Dantanian's Gatekeeper, Witching Hour, and Resisting My Hot CEO.

Other works include The Alpha's Bride, The Supreme Alpha, Amara - Reunion, Accident Prone, and Is this Destiny?

- Previously published under the pen name: "Redsonia" -